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Website Development Startup and Concept

Website Development with User Experience in Mind

A powerful tool for a business in the start of the 21st century is your website’s ability to engage properly with your visitors. With millions of website’s in the world wide web, what will set yours apart from your competitors?

Our ability to put your website through enhanced testing and analysis on your users behavior, is one aspect that sets us apart. As an agency focused on SEO, and user engagement, we develop websites that aim to engage users for better conversions. All of this begins in our startup and conception stage, where we assess your business needs, online presence and user engagements through heat maps that help us adjust to your visitor’s behavior.

As a website development agency located in Valrico, Florida. We aim to service businesses across the Hillsborough County area. This includes but is not limited to South Tampa Bay, Seffner, Riverview and Brandon, FL.

Website Startup, Concept & Design

A properly structured startup, concept and design can actually save you thousands of dollars during the development phase. Cubic IT Consulting will implement a properly executed timeline that meets your deadlines and your business’ online requirements for a successful launch.
This will encompass but is not limited to the following work.

  • Sitemap
  • URL Structure
  • Features & Functions
  • Design and Layout
  • System Recommendations
  • Customized Work and more.

Based on your business’ trend we recommend and implement a scalable framework and platform that will meet load requirements and leave room for scalable options, as your business grows.
Website Design and Layout Tool Kit
Website Development and Design

Website Design & Custom Development

Our website design and custom software development process takes into consideration a business’ changing needs. Our project management team takes into account your adjusted requirements during the development process. The SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) consist of:

  • Requirements analysis & resource planning
  • Design & prototyping
  • Software development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance & Updates

Usual turn around times depends on the project scope. We request some time to assess the project’s development process to provide you with an adequate cost estimate based on the project scope assessment report.

Testing and Launching

Getting to the finish line and meeting the deadlines is essential but not without testing your live environment first. Test are constantly executed during the development process. In addition, at the completion of the project, a thorough, live run through of all features will be completed prior to the final launch.

Now Your Live! What should be your next step?

Now it’s time to think about online presence and how to use your website to not only reach your targeted audience, but to turn them into customers. Some of the options Cubic IT Consulting can provide are:

Testing and Launching websites

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