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Functional Aesthetic Dentistry

Functional Aesthetic Dentistry
Our team has placed a good level of attention into helping companies in the health industry grow, from a local dental practice to multi-state health industry businesses. Our focus is aimed at your business goals, which we articulate clearly during our on-boarding process.


Increasing visibility and traffic through an increase in keyword captures. Increase in customer acquisitions via organic and Google ads traffic.


Increase in on-page optimization, page speed optimization and a diverse back link profile where instrumental. A diligently scheduled and comprehensive content management campaign was established by our editor and writers. Social media & all other campaigns (aside from SEO and content Management) were kept at a modest pace, based on budget requirements.
Year Over Year Results
5935 - Organic
513 - Direct
79 - Paid Search
43 - Social
13 - Referrals


Our focus on search engine optimization and a robust content management strategy with a diverse back link profile increased results that were immediately noticeable and gradually incremental. Another important part of our strategy is page speed optimization and attention to user search intent.

In this project we helped our client increase their foot traffic, click through rates and conversions. Month over month, gradual increases lead to over a 275% increase in new users year over year. An increase of an extra 4,800+ visitors were recorded each month. During this time we also implemented a click robot blocking software to increase our ROI by an additional 30% over the initial increases made through our marketing strategies.

While our team provides and array of marketing and advertising services, your goals will dictate the best direction for your marketing strategy and the services we recommend.
275.03% Increase in Users
278.23% Increase in New Users
4,800+ More Monthly Users YoY

From The Client

Jeffrey N. Suffoletta D.M.D.
Lead Dentist at Functional Aesthetic Dentistry