Local SEO

Local SEO is About Local Foot Traffic, Customer Relationships and Instant Conversions

Local Business Marketing
Local SEO is essential for store-front businesses looking for increased local foot traffic. Local business marketing, (otherwise known as Local SEO) requires its own unique set of strategies. What constitutes local SEO, its methods and practices is explained further below. A keen eye on PPC ads, reviews and local search is essential.
Local SEO

Community focused!

Local marketing allows a company to improve their customer relationships. It helps increase and improve local branding, customer loyalty, as well as increase conversion rates through re-marketing efforts, to a local audience that’s within driving distance.

For most small local businesses, their community is their bread and butter. Treating their guest with optimal services, products and open communication through online mediums is a great way to establish trust and confidence in your business.

Local SEO helps bridge this gap by reaching out to your community, while presenting them with opportunities that incentivize. While simultaneously, turning those users into conversions through increased MAPS citations, call conversions and sales.

Local PPC Ads

A locally focused approach is strategized with a maximum radius of 10 miles. Depending on your location and budget, this could be expanded or decreased to meet a desired balance. A balance between potential conversions and an adequate budget that can sustain growth.
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Keyword Research
A robust keyword search with an emphasis on keyword search intent is developed. It is essential in preparing the website for indexing & online presence mediums for a marketing strategy.
Technical SEO
Technical Optimization & Indexing
Optimizing your website for technical SEO such as micro data, schema markup and schema reviews can help improve Google Rich Snippet results. While it is not the only ingredient it is a part of it.
Local Search Engine Optimization
Targeted PPC Ads
Local ads launched via multiple advertising platforms, but all focused on your geographical area & prime target customers based on age, gender, interest and search preference.

Local Listings

Prominent local listing directories, MAPS citations, call tracking and conversion reports are provided and analyzed in order to make informed decisions about the way forward for your business.

We update and maintain local listing profiles that help increase RIO and improve local visibility. Local listing and Google My Business amongst the premier local listings directories, help Google better understand and present your services, descriptions and special offers to your local foot traffic.

Local listing sources help increase trust with your loyal customer base. It helps increase conversion through the proper dissemination of your business products, services and purpose. Contact us for a FREE SEO consultation.


Professional Tools for Your Business

We provide you with access to professional tracking tools
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Local keyword tracking & optimization through SEMRush analytics. SEMRush is a robust tracking system that compliments GA and increases visitor awareness .
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Moz Local
MOZ Local helps submit aggregate data to many of the top listing directories, ensures consistency between them and provides a robust tracking platform that helps you make informed decisions.

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