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What is PPC Advertising?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, where a buyer of ad space pays for visitors by the click. The CPC (Cost-Per-Click) may differ based on keyword volume and competitiveness. PPC campaigns are a great way to make an initial contact with a customer, but you can also exercise re-targeting & re-marketing campaigns to interested customers. PPC advertising can take many forms and be published in many different platforms such as:
  • Google Search Ads: search ads through Google supported mediums are one of the best ways to get traffic. Google provides online real estate for video, display ads and traditional search ads.
  • FB & Insta Ads: Both Facebook and Instagram provide a robust advertisement platform with a far reaching audience.
  • YouTube Ads: Runs hand in hand with google video ads and is a great way to increase branding through tens of thousands of video plays and impressions.

Methods of Paid Online Advertising

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Video Advertising
Create an impressionable message through a video that can be created with either real people or in a doodle style of content. Eye catching and entertaining.
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Display Advertising
Displays are a great way to present a still image or even a moving image such as a GIF that helps provide multiple messages in a short time-frame.
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Social Advertising
Advertising through social mediums is one method of referral traffic. There are many social platforms such as Telegram, Minds, FB & Instagram to name a few.
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Search Ads
Search ads are a great way to display multiple areas of your website. With added features like sitelinks and extended call numbers, a conversion is a click away.

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Our team of SEO experts are just a phone call away and are ready to analyze your website and provide you with a 12 month strategic plan.

Our PPC Campaign Process

PPC campaigns require periodic modifications that help to improve your overall click-through-rate. It requires keyword research that implements intent compartmentalization. This helps create a strategy that promotes both traffic and revenue growth.

  • Execute a client & competitor analysis
  • Current ad account analysis (if available)
  • Keyword research and election
  • Advertisement design & development
  • Campaign formation and set up
  • ROI tracking & Bid Management
  • Landing page development & SEO optimization
  • Manage & analyze campaign daily

If you've been thinking of starting a PPC campaign or are looking for ways to improve your current strategy, give us a call for a PPC analysis. We're located near the Tampa Florida area.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Create personas that you can associate to each visitor. With their initial interaction with your website, a re-marketing and re-targeting campaigns can be established and launched.
Retargeting Display Ads Campaign
Use re-targeting campaigns maintain your brand at the top of interested minds. It's a great way to interact with those that have shown interest, but have not yet gone through your marketing funnel. Display ads are a great tool for a re-targeting campaign.
Re-Marketing Email Campaigns
A re-marketing campaign is a great way to increase your conversions by targeting those customers that have gone through your marketing funnel but did not convert. If someone abandons their cart, a re-marketing email campaign can bring those customer back to checkout.

Tell Us About Your Business

Our team of SEO experts are just a phone call away. are ready to analyze your website and provide you with a 12 month strategic plan.

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