Weekly SEO News: March 31st, 2021

Weekly SEO News March 31st 2021

Google adds new features to MAPS and improves curbside pickup

In order to fill a need where trends lead. Google is now looking at launching a few new features for MAPS that will enhance the user’s experience and make it easier for business owners to communicate deliveries and curbside pickup.

This new update will provide features such as:

  • Improved curbside pickup
  • Improved delivery options
  • Indoor live view navigation
  • Air quality data
  • Driving directions that are eco-friendly and more.

Some of the new data you can expect to see include:

  • Delivery providers
  • Pickup and delivery windows
  • Delivery fees
  • Order minimums and more.

Initially, this program will be beta tested with only 2 to 4 grocery stores. However, as the new features show progress, the tools will eventually be rolled out for all local MAPS businesses. If your niche is local SEO, this is one new feature you’ll want to look out for. To learn more about this report, visit SERoundtable for more details.

Google Pick up and Delivery Upgrades

Image Credit to: SERoundtable.com

MOZ.com announces a new and improved “Beginner’s Guide to Link Building”

Link building is probably one of the most challenging task an SEO expert could focus on. Good link building strategies require a lot of outreach and TLC in order to foster and nurture link building relationships.

Luckily, there are professionals like Paddy Moogan who wrote the first edition of the “Beginner’s Guide to Link Building”. Since so much has changed in the last half a decade plus, Paddy and Moz have provided an updated version of the Beginner’s Guide to Link Building, let’s call it version 2021.

For those of you that strive to get the best link building services and outreach, keep in mind that for Google, good links are of a natural nature. When you start manipulating link building, to some degree, you lose that natural backlink profile you strive to accomplish. Follow this link to get your hands on this update.

Did Google recently launch a new algorithm update?

It seems as if over the past week there were some fluctuations that search and SEO professionals have been noticing. To this moment, there has not been any confirmation of such updates however, online platforms and SEO guru’s are full of chatter over recent search volatility. You can learn more about this in Search Engine Roundtable.

As far as our team at Cubic IT Consulting can tell, some of the accounts we manage have seen some random fluctuations in some high-ranking pages. In the image below are 3 pages that rank for high traffic keywords. While the peak was usually at around 200 to 300 visitors per day for this local, 1 location business, you can clearly see how over the last 2 weeks, this steam seems to be running out. We will provide an update on methods used to fix this problem.

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Google Algorithm Updates

While we have recently implemented new strategies to tackle this downturn is organic traffic, it is important to note that the chatter of a recent update is not without its merits. One way you can tackle this decrease is by reviewing your content in relation to user experience and intent. Review your on-page optimization, technical SEO and implement an organic and robust backlink strategy for a diverse backlink profile.

Is your website ADA compliant?

One of the biggest dilemma some small businesses have today is the thought of a potential lawsuit over a website that isn’t ADA compliant. This has become a trend over the last decade, one woman has already sued over 150 businesses over ADA non-compliant websites.

In most cases, this initially started with big businesses however, as the courts ruled in the plaintiff’s behalf, this is no longer just a big vs small business issue any longer. All businesses are potentially liable for having non-compliant websites.

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ADA Websites

In the context of SEO, the question now is, will Google eventually make this part of their algorithm? Just like SSL certificates became a necessity for both user experience and security, will ADA requirements become a part of SEOs future?

If your website is not in the loop with this, how negatively will the algorithm punish a non-compliant site? For now, this may not yet be an issue for further discussion. However, as with all tech and regulations that come to pass, it is only a matter of time.

It looks as if most major browsers are taking that into account, and it could be that over time, a developer may not even need to concern themselves with this. Only time will tell. Business owners can reach out to Cubic IT Consulting for a website ADA compliance checkup.

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