This Week’s SEO News: February 24th, 2021

Weekly SEO News

New Association Pages for GSC

Google Search Console has been updated with new association pages that allow you to get a broader view of all of your Google properties and their data. You can now link the following properties with your Google Search Console.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Channel
  • Play Console App
  • Action Console Project
  • Chrome Web Store Account

When Google Search Console is linked with your Google Analytics, you can take a better look at your organic search result coverage. To learn more about this new feature in GSC, visit Search Engine Journal.

Is Google Testing Keyword Categories Along with Search Results?

SE Round Table highlighted an anomaly in Google search results discovered by Brodie Clark, who initially spotted what looked like labels or tags included with search results. At an initial observation, this tends to look more like category tags that could be found in the given page.

Will this be a new trend in Google search results and how does this benefit SEO as a whole? While the jury is still out on that, many SEO Guru’s can easily speculate how that will impact search results and user experience.

To learn more about this discovery, visit SE Round Table.

Is Google Core Web-Vitals Your Problem?

Recently the development world has been at an upheaval over Google’s Core Web-Vitals and in particularly, the Cumulative Layout Shift or (CLS). But is this really your problem as an SEO web design professional?

According to a report by Search Engine Journal, WP Rocket had to physically go into the code and make changes to the nuts and bolts of the WP application in order to minimize the Cumulative Layout Shift depending on the device that was loading the page.

Learn more on this topic and how to increase your page speed at Search Engine Journal.

Overall Number of Links to your Website is Completely Irrelevant!

On a usual basis and as far as common SEO knowledge goes, quality over quantity is pretty much the way the go. However, it seems that in 2021, there are still a great number of people that do not understand this concept as reported in SE Round Table.

According to John Mueller, relevancy on links is what matters the most to Google. It’s one of the ways Google determines how much weight to give individual backlinks.

He also added, “I don’t think we differentiate like that in our systems. From my point of view, I would tend not to focus on the total number of links to your site, or the total number of domain links to your website, because we look at links in a very different way.”

To learn more about this topic, read the rest of Mueller’s response.

No Search Penalty for Too many Redirects?

Google’s John Mueller confirms that Google does not penalize for having too many redirects in your website. Google and SEMRush have or had checks in their systems for having too many redirects, so it’s safe to assume that most SEO newbies will consider redirects affecting their website’s search results.

On Twitter, a discussion broke out about the meaning of the redirect such as internal redirects or 301 redirects from external third-party domains. Others also pointed out that on August 4th 2008, Google did come out with a “Too Many Redirect” warning tool. Additionally, SEMRush itself currently has a system in place to warn you about too many redirects in your website.

It seems that redirects are no longer an issue for SEO specialist. If you’d like to learn more about this visit SE Round Table.

Google Core Web Vitals: How to Improve Your SEO

For the longest time, SEO specialist have been able to manage and control most aspects of their websites. However, with the advent of Google’s Core Web Vitals, there are a number of metrics that SEO specialist have very little control over. We highlightest further in this Weekly SEO News Update.

Love2Dev goes into details on this article on the topics of:

  • Web Vitals Initial Prompt
  • Core Web Vitals Report
  • Core Web Vitals Mobile Chrome UX Report
  • Core Web Vitals CLS Report

If you’d like to learn more about these vital details on Google’s CWV, visit Love2Dev.

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