Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your return policy?

Currently we do not allow a return policy as we do not provide a product so much as a service to small, medium and large business owners. As our services are on a month to month basis, a monthly fee cannot be returned after the work for that month has been completed. This is our return policy. If you’d like, you can review our complete return policy statement.

There are currently 2 membership options. Month to month with a minimum of 3 months and year to year with a 15% discount on our monthly fees for signing up for the full year.

What is your Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policies differ based on the services you signed for. Our month-to-month services can be cancelled with a 30 day notice after the first 90 days. A minimum of 90 days is required in order to work with out team. This is due to the time is take to see considerable SEO results.

Our one year contract can be cancelled only within 30 days before the contract expiration date is completed. We have a thorough meeting outlining the successes of the previous year and where we can improve the coming year. You can then decide at that point on the course your company will take with Cubic IT Consulting. Please feel free to review our cancellation policy.

What is your Privacy Policy

Our privacy policies are pretty straight forward. We do not share your information with any third party source. We do reserve the right to make changes to this, but not before advanced notice is published in our privacy policy statement in our website. Once these changes are published, it will take 30 days prior to the changes taking affect. Please feel free to read more about our privacy policy.

What is a recommended budget to spend on marketing?

Every company is different. Traditionally, most businesses should spend at least 3%-5% of their revenue back into business marketing. Don’t forget that for most businesses, marketing expenses are a write off. Our team will recommend a suitable budget based on your company’s current revenue projections and past yearly revenue. Then it will be up to your team to decide if that budget is feasible and what services if any should be omitted from the contract. If you’d like to learn more about this, please reach us at 813-655-1942 to ask any additional questions.